Manage Your FPR Account

Find a Propane Retailer helps consumers find their nearest propane retailer. Users can search for propane retailers by zip code and by services offered. They can also opt-in to receive further information about propane, and/or to be contacted directly by a retailer. We promote FPR on all Council websites, including the popular and FPR is also available to NPGA and state PGAs for use on their websites.

How It Works

FPR displays information for every registered retailer location that matches the service area zip code and services criteria entered by the user. FPR displays the company name, logo, contact information, website, and services offered, as entered by the retailer’s FPR account manager.

Results display in a random order, which may change each time the search is submitted. This ensures fairness in which retailer locations are displayed.

Add Your Business to FPR

Visit FPR now to add your company. You can use the online tool to update information as needed, and you can even manage information for multiple locations through a single account.


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