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Transport Operator Training Program

This training program provides information, practices and procedures that support general loading and unloading tasks for drivers who operate transports to deliver propane.

Transport Operator Training Program, Product Code: PRC-00C203
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Transport Operator Training Program, Product Code: 9086-IT-14

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About this product

Primarily designed to train employees who operate a transport, this program provides information, practices, and procedures that support general delivery tasks for those who operate commercial motor vehicles to deliver propane.

The program covers:

  • - Physical properties of propane
  • - Safely handling propane and other hazardous materials
  • - Transport inspection procedures
  • - Emergency procedures
  • - Transport features and equipment
  • - Procedures for loading at a terminal
  • - Bulk plant equipment
  • - Procedures for unloading at a bulk plant


- 9086-IT-14, PDF Handbook. Includes the files for a student handbook with a comprehensive quiz at the end of each module and a self-assessment form and an instructor guide and presentation of the entire program with tips and instructions for the trainer, including transport safety talks for group discussion. Free PDF Download.

- PRC-00C203, CD/DVD Kit. Includes all of the files included in the PDF Handbook and a 90-minute video highlighting best practices for transport vehicle operators, organized into modules to customize training based on job responsibilities and training requirements. Sold individually.

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