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Renze Display Case Study

A PDF download and Straight Talk video featuring Renze Display that switched to propane forklifts on their business and experienced longer run time and easier refueling when compared to electric forklifts.  


Case Study
Renze Display Case Study, Product Code: 6019-CS-17
Straight Talk Video: Renze Display, Product Code: 6018-VI-17

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Renze Display, known for creating custom displays and very large graphics, needs forklifts that can haul heavy and unwieldy boxes, pallets and materials without being slowed by refueling or concerned about tipping. With propane, machines can be re lled anywhere from warehouse to woodshop and have the power to lift up to 5,000 pounds while maneuvering up steep ramps. 


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This product can be used by propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.
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Case studies can be used in presentations, newsletters, websites, as handouts at events and tradeshows, or when talking to potential customers.