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Autogas Reference Card

A brochure, reference card and PDF download card featuring the key benefits and cost advantages propane autogas offers to fleet managers.

Propane Autogas Reference Card — PDF Download, Product Code: 4701
Propane Autogas Reference Card — Printed
Autogas Reference Card, Product Code: PRC-009427
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About this product

This reference card and comprehensive brochure make the case for propane autogas as the best value for fleet vehicles, particularly in life-cycle cost-of-ownership. This piece explains how, after an initial investment in propane autogas, fleet managers can save money in areas where conventional and other alternative fuels would strain a fleet’s budget: fuel, maintenance, and infrastructure. It also provides valuable insight on the benefits of a domestically produced fuel with substantially lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Product Information

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PDF Download, fulfillment item
Who is this for: 
Reference cards can be used by propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.
What is this for: 
Reference cards can be used as handouts at events and tradeshows, or when talking to potential customers.