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Monitoring System Research

A 2011 research report about remote propane tank-level monitoring system and executive summary.

Executive Summary - PDF
Remote Propane Tank-Level Monitoring System Research Executive Summary, Product Code: 4535
Full Report - PDF
Remote Propane Tank-Level Monitoring System Research Full Report, Product Code: 4536

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This 2011 research report and executive summary, funded by the The Propane Education & Research Council and contracted to Battelle Memorial Institute, documents an evaluation of the performance of commercially available Remote Tank-Level Monitoring Systems (RTLM). Using PERC's Remote Propane Tank Level Monitoring Systems Matrix, Battelle identified 13 RTLM models from 9 manufacturers and measured each system's radio frequency range, fuel level accuracy, installation difficulty, and overall system cost. Remote tank level monitoring (RTLM) systems allow marketers to optimize their delivery schedules and ensure that customers have a reliable and constant supply of propane.

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Created By: Propane Education & Research Council
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This research report is for propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.
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This report can be used for educational and training purposes.