This course covers servicing, troubleshooting, and repairing basic propane appliances. 

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CETP Book 4.5 Instructor Guide, Product Code: PRC-009648
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CETP Book 4.5, Product Code: 9167-IT-16
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CETP Book 4.5, Product Code: PRC-009633
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The 4.5 course focuses primarily on safely and efficiently servicing, troubleshooting, and repairing basic propane appliances. The 4.5 Instructor Guide is a useful tool for trainers teaching the course. It includes answer keys, tips for teaching content, and group discussions. This course will instruct you on the specific steps in these important tasks. For the purpose of this course, basic propane appliances are defined as simple appliances that do not have advanced controls and complex electronic ignition systems. They may have simple electronic ignition systems, such as those found in many ranges. They include 120/24 V and DC millivolt systems. 

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