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Blue the Dog Photos

Use this image of Blue the Dog in the cab of a bobtail in your local promotions, on your website, and in your newsletters to extend the reach of the national consumer campaign while promoting your propane business.

“All our managers like the commercials and the awareness they create for our industry. Some of our stores have Blue pics in their service centers, and we are regularly sharing Facebook posts.” - Kevin Cobb, Suburban Propane, Idaho


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Link your company's local communications with the national advertising campaign using photographs like this one featuring Blue the Dog relaxing with his owner, a bobtail driver. Add it to your local promotions, your website, and your newsletters to maximize the national campaign for your business. The image comes from the national PROUDLY PROPANE Clean American Energy campaign, which is designed to raise consumer awareness of propane and its many applications and benefits. By integrating elements of the campaign with your efforts, you will multiply the marketing impact on your market. Have questions? Call the consumer campaign help desk at 202-464-9029 or send a note to 

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