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In order to solve customers' issues with reliability and fuel efficiency, Exmark teamed up with Kohler Manufacturing Co. to incorporate the propane-dedicated EFI engine into commercial mowers. The result was a winning solution for customers: a powerful engine, coupled with the proven reliability and durability of Exmark mowers.

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Users report that the mowers are a significant improvement over conventional carbureted systems, particularly when it comes to starting up. Propane is a low-emissions, green solution that gives contractors an edge when bidding jobs for green-minded clients. Exmark's customers are also benefiting from using the Propane Education & Research Council's incentives for buying propane-powered commercial mowers. Exmark believes all of these reasons make a compelling argument for adopting propane equipment.


About the Series: The Clean American Innovation video series highlights America's propane technology leaders. As more U.S. manufacturers strive to meet demand for powerful, environmentally friendly products, propane is emerging as a popular fuel solution in markets beyond Agriculture, Residential, and Commercial. Propane has impressed consumers with performance comparable to conventional fuels, while also reducing emissions and lowering operating costs. Explore our YouTube channel to watch more videos in the series, and learn more on


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