Incentive Programs

Offer Potential Customers a Bonus

The Council provides several incentive programs for select propane applications to stimulate purchases, encourage product improvements, and establish wider familiarity of new products.

For Builders Who Build New Homes

The Council's Propane Energy Pod Builder Incentive Program offers a monetary incentive to qualifying and select builders who build new homes that follow the Propane Energy Pod model and include propane equipment for space heating, water heating, cooking, and other heating and power applications. The program is designed to promote the construction of Pod homes within the United States. Eligible builders will receive up to $1,500 for building using the full Propane Energy Pod in the Full Comfort and Efficiency Package (space heating, water heating, cooking, and two other appliances), $1,000 for the Essential Needs Package (space heating, water heating, cooking, and one other appliance), or $750 for the Strategic Application Package (water heating, cooking, and two other appliances), in exchange for information regarding the installation, specification, marketing and sale of homes built using this model.

For Farmers

Designed to encourage agricultural producers to adopt new propane equipment on their farm, the Propane Farm Incentive Program provides a financial incentive to qualifying and selected farmers who purchase select pieces of equipment and agree to share their experiences.