Grants And Commercialization Partnerships

Collaboration with the Council

The Council works with manufacturers, researchers, and government partners to strengthen technical knowledge, leverage funding, and maximize investments in developing new propane products. This collaboration ensures that innovative applications of propane are realized in the most effective way possible.

We encourage proposals for projects that align with the Council's strategic needs. Read about some of our recent grants and commercialization partnerships in our annual report.

If you have questions or issues you would like to discuss prior to preparing an application, we encourage you to use the Contact Us link or to call 202-452-8975 to speak with the appropriate director:

Residential & Commercial — Greg Kerr, Director of Research and Development

Agriculture — Cinch Munson, Director of Agriculture Business Development

Autogas — Michael Taylor, Director of Autogas Business Development

Fundamental R&D — Greg Kerr, Director of Research and Development

Off-Road Engines — Jeremy Wishart, Deputy Director of Business Development