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    Forklift Market Insights

    In a study funded by the Council, researchers surveyed people responsible for managing or maintaining their companies' forklift fleets. The study is designed to provide insights about the market and present findings regarding fleet composition by weight, fuel type, and purchase drivers, including vehicle characteristics and fuel considerations.

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    Forklift User Case Study

    Renze Display needs forklifts that can haul heavy and unwieldy boxes, pallets, and materials without being slowed by refueling or concerned about tipping. With propane, machines can be refilled anywhere from warehouse to woodshop and have the power to lift up to 5,000 pounds while maneuvering up steep ramps. Make the case with this case study.

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    Refueling and Maintaining Forklift Cylinders

    Dispensing Propane Safely is an employee training program that details the many tasks associated with the safe and effective dispensing of propane into several types of propane cylinders and tanks, including refueling, maintaining, and troubleshooting forklift cylinders.

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