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Warren Township School District Straight Talk Video

Straight Talk video of a school district that keeps buses operating in cold weather with propane autogas.


Warren Township School District Straight Talk Video, Product Code: 6638-VI-17

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For this Indiana school district, cold weather is a core challenge for the transportation department. According to Garage Supervisor Ron Thomas, diesel buses require the crew to be out two hours early to get the buses started. On mornings when the temperature dips below zero degrees, the district's diesel buses might have to be pulled into the garage. But with the propane autogas buses, there's no hesitation on startup “every single time,” there's no need for on-board heaters, and there's no need to plug in the bus. The propane autogas school buses at this district have their own starting system, making startup even faster. District drivers report the buses heat up quickly, which keeps passengers comfortable. Drivers also enjoy the quiet operation of the propane autogas buses, and prefer them over diesel overall.


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