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Propane Can Do That Radio Spot

MP3 file encouraging customers to visit to learn about the many ways that propane-powered equipment can benefit their agricultural operations. Run this ad on your local radio station or showcase it on your website.


Radio Ad
Propane Can Do That Radio Spot, Product Code: 5580-AD-17

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About this product

Marketers can build awareness of propane's benefits by driving customers to through this 30 second radio advertisement that highlights how propane can, lower operational costs, reduce downtime, and eliminate fuel theft. 


If you plan to run this ad on your local radio station, please reach out to the Propane Education and Research Council at 202-452-8975 for licensing options.


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Downloadable MP3 file

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Propane marketers

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To encourage customers to switch to propane and experience all of the benefits that it can have on their agricultural operations.