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Propane in Residential Developments: A Guide for Builders

For regional and national builders, propane’s versatility makes it an ideal energy solution. Propane in Residential Developments: A Guide for Builders provides the information builders need to make smart energy decisions for large-scale developments. 

Propane in Residential Developments: A Guide for Builders, Product Code: 5271-BR-18

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This guide provides an overview of the benefits and safety features of propane for builders and homeowners. It was created to support the use of propane in residential construction projects and covers topics such as: residential propane applications, community propane systems, the Propane Energy Pod, the Propane Construction Incentive Program, and safety. This guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded and shared with construction professionals in your area.

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This guide can be used by propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.

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Use these brochures to teach your customers more about the advantages of propane and help them explore propane-powered appliances and equipment.