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Community Propane Video

A motion graphics video explaining the benefits of community propane systems.

Community Propane Video, Product Code: 5124-VI-14

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About this product

In a community propane system, propane is distributed through a network of underground pipes that connect homeowners with individual gas meters. It's virtually the same as natural gas metered systems, but it can be easily installed anywhere in the U.S. Plus, developers can offer a scalable solution that can work for a few houses - or thousands and homeowners enjoy the unmatched comfort of gas appliances. Watch this video to learn more about how community propane systems can benefit your business and show this at tradeshows and events.

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Created By: Propane Education & Research Council
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Videos can be used by propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.
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This video can be used for educational and training purposes at tradeshows and events.