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Kohler Power Systems Video

A Clean American Innovation video featuring Kohler Power Systems.

Kohler Power Systems Video, Product Code: 5121-VI-14

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Kohler Power Systems began developing a propane-powered mobile generator to satisfy market demand for clean, powerful energy. The mobile generator acts a “portable power plant” for sites that don't have ready access to an electrical grid, such as events, new construction, industrial plants with planned outages, and more. As the EPA implements stricter emissions requirements for diesel products, demand for new propane products like this generator has increased. Its engine is also proven to compete with comparable diesel models. The Propane Education & Research Council assisted Kohler Power Systems with defining its market and creating the right product. Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive, because the generator is easy to start, self-priming, easy to maintain, and reduces emissions. Additionally, propane eliminates fuel spillage and dramatically cuts fuel costs associated with gasoline and diesel.

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Created By: Propane Education & Research Council
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Videos can be used by propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.
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This video can be used for educational and training purposes at tradeshows and events.