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Generac Power Systems Video

A Clean American Innovation video featuring Generac Power Systems.

Generac Power Systems Video, Product Code: 5120-VI-14

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Propane-powered generators are a standby energy product for Generac. They provide an added level of security for homes and businesses during a power outage, when the electric grid is down. Because the generator runs on propane, it draws from an on-site LP tank to provide longer coverage than gasoline or diesel models. The Propane Education & Research Council has partnered with Generac to provide technical expertise as well as funding for research and development as they introduce new propane-powered products to the marketplace. The Generac EcoGen generator, for instance, is designed to provide extra-long runtime in off-grid applications. Moving forward, Generac's goal is to expand its market and grow the awareness of standby generator benefits - because “propane is the fuel of the future.”
 About the Series: The Clean American Innovation video series highlights America's propane technology leaders. As more U.S. manufacturers strive to meet demand for powerful, environmentally friendly products, propane is emerging as a popular fuel solution in markets beyond Agriculture, Residential, and Commercial. Propane has impressed consumers with performance comparable to conventional fuels, while also reducing emissions and lowering operating costs. Explore our YouTube channel to watch more videos in the series, and learn more on

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Created By: Propane Education & Research Council
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Videos can be used by propane marketers, equipment dealers, and state executives.
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This video can be used for educational and training purposes at tradeshows and events.