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Our safety & training programs resources are designed to help you ensure the safe and efficient use of propane by your company and your customers.
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  • $10.00

    Propane Emergencies, 3rd Edition on USB

  • Realtor Outreach Bundle

    A suite of materials to reach local realtors about the benefits of propane in the home.

  • FREE

    2017 Installations of Residential Appliances by Fuel Type Report

    Updated report on installations of residential propane appliances. 

  • FREE

    Commercial Landscape Cheat Sheet

    Remember these key elements for success with landscape contractors.

  • FREE

    Warren Township School District Straight Talk Video

    Straight Talk video of a school district that keeps buses operating in cold weather with propane autogas.

  • FREE

    Impacts of Vent-Free Gas Products on Indoor Air Quality Report

    Assessment of Potential Impacts of Vent-Free Gas Products on Indoor Air Quality In Residential Energy Conservation Structures

  • $10.50

    Propane Rail Terminal Safety & Your Community

    Use this to help explain the safety and need for rail terminals. 

  • FREE

    Residential Educational Session at 2017 NPGA Expo

    This is a recording of an educational session at the 2017 NPGA Expo.

  • FREE

    S2G forum at 2017 NPGA Expo

    This is a recording of the S2G Forum at the 2017 NPGA Expo. 

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