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    Win Big with Builders

    Did you know that you hold valuable information builders can use to help boost their reputation in the community? It's all about sharing with them all the ways propane beats geothermal systems. Use these resources with builders so that they can share with customers geothermal's hidden costs and help them make informed decisions.

    Geothermal Campaign
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    Meet Blue, Your New Partner

    Blue is sharing his wisdom about propane and the independent life it makes possible. He's a humble champion, not just for propane, but for the propane marketers who make it possible. The national consumer education program is designed raise awareness of propane and boost consumer perceptions of the fuel, through a variety of media — TV, radio, print, and digital — to reach American consumers.

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    Market Insights for Your Local Market

    You’ve got a great product to offer. Deciding where to put your marketing and sales efforts takes sound market intelligence for your local market. Take advantage of the Council’s Residential Opportunity Insights and learn how much propane-related home buying and how many appliance retrofits are taking place within your local market and what kinds of homeowners are behind that activity.

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    Pull the Plug on Electric Water Heaters Campaign

    The comfort and cost savings of a propane water heater are second to none, and that’s something homeowners can feel good about. The Council’s Pull the Plug on Electric Water Heaters campaign provides propane marketers with the tools to make the case about the benefits of storage tank and tankless propane models, for both new construction and replacements.

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    Maximize Your Residential Propane Gallon Potential

    The Residential Toolkit is a one-stop-source for market background, collateral, technology and sales advice for propane marketers. Use the resources that can be mixed and matched to create, launch and manage an effective sales campaign targeting builders, construction firms, and/or homeowners.

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