PE Training Scenarios

Emergency Training Scenarios

To better prepare students to deal with emergencies in the field, the Propane Emergencies manual describes appropriate emergency response in 20 different potential propane emergencies ranging from residential propane leaks and fires to major transportation- and storage-related incidents.

The scenarios all follow a similar format, beginning with a description of what happened, followed by a review of the relevant container design and construction features, a description of the responder’s tactical objectives, and a discussion of the general methods of leak control or fire extinguishing as well as any special considerations.

The scenarios are not intended to establish Standard Operating Procedures for any individual emergency response organization. Each organization should develop its own SOPs based on local rules, regulations, policies, and available resources.

Scenario#1 Cylinder Overfill Incident at Home 

Scenario #2 Carbon Monoxide Incident in an Auto Shop 

Scenario #3 Removing Exposed Propane Tanks From a Structure on Fire 

Scenario #4 Underground Propane Tank Leak 

Scenario #5 MC-331 Transport Cargo Tank Truck with Propane Liquid Leak 

Scenario #6 BBQ Grill Fire Next to a Home 

Scenario #7 Fire Involving Stationary Tank on a Farm 

Scenario #8 Propane Fueled Delivery Truck Fire 

Scenario #9 Fire Involving Bobtail Delivery Truck 

Scenario #10 Overturned Railroad Tank Car with Fire 

Scenario #11 Gas Release Involving Stationary Tank 

Scenario #12 Fire Involving Stationary Tank 

Scenario #13 Underground Propane Tank Fire 

Scenario #14 Barbeque Grill Fire On Third Floor Balcony of an Apartment Building 

Scenario #15 Automobile Leaking Propane in a Parking Garage 

Scenario #16 Overturned MC-331 Cargo Tank Truck 

Scenario #17 Motor Fuel Cylinder Burning on a Forklift 

Scenario #18 Leak on Intermodal Pressure Tank Container 

Scenario #19 Emergency Planning for a Propane Bulk Plant 

Scenario #20 Developing Credible Scenarios for Emergency Response Planning