CETP Updates

    To help update instructors and students on new codes and other changes, PERC provides online access to resources that CETP instructors can incorporate into their classroom training. These materials are based on industry comments and vetted by industry volunteers. In addition, the updates web page includes full PDF versions of the CETP text books.

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    The CETP Administration Guide can be downloaded by clicking here.

    CETP Instructor Notes

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     Basic Principles & Practices 

     Propane Delivery Operations & Cylinder Delivery

     Bobtail Delivery Operations

     Operating a Transport to Deliver Propane 

     Operating a Truck, Tank Trailer or Tractor/Trailer to Deliver or Relocate ASME Tanks 

     Basic Plant Operations 

     Performing Cargo Tank Product Transfers 

     Performing Railcar Product Transfers 

     Designing and Installing Exterior Vapor Distribution Systems

     Placing Vapor Distribution Systems and Appliances into Operation

     Designing & Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems 

     Appliance Installation 

     Applying Basic Electricity

     Large Industrial/Commercial Gas-Fired Equipment Connection and Service