The e-learning DVDs from PERC are the perfect interactive tools for safety training, combining the best of the written material with meticulous industry expert review and input to produce an exciting, high-quality learning tool that can be used as a stand-alone training piece or coupled with traditional classroom instruction. With the packaging of a free learning management system (LMS) tool called Convergence Training Viewer (CTV), you can track your employees' progress and easily personalize your e-learning DVDs to suit your specific training needs.

    To order any of the following e-learning DVDs —

    • Basic Principles & Practices.
    • Propane Delivery Operations and Cylinder Delivery.
    • Bobtail Delivery Operations.
    • Initial OSHA & DOT First 90-Day Hazmat Employee Training Program.
    • Designing and Installing Exterior Vapor Distribution Systems.
    • Placing Vapor Distribution Systems and Appliances into Operation.

    — visit the online Propane Marketer Resource Catalog at www.propanemarc.com or call customer service at 1-866-905-1075.