About Certification

About Certification


Launched by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) in 1988, the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) is a comprehensive, nationwide training program for employees in the propane industry. It provides a formal structure for training, testing, and documentation to assure that propane industry workers have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their work safely and effectively. Employee training is mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the National Fire Protection Association, and other groups. Plus, it makes good business sense.

To make CETP much more accessible to a greater number of industry members, PERC purchased the program from NPGA in 2002, beginning an ongoing partnership to maintain, update, and more widely distribute CETP material. PERC publishes the CETP courseware; NPGA administers CETP testing and certification.

Today, CETP is a modular performance criterion-based employee training and skills certification program that provides up-to-date, task-specific technical training that empowers employees to perform their jobs confidently, knowledgably, and safely. As a result, propane business managers can improve employee and customer safety, increase employee productivity and morale, adhere to federal and state regulations, and better serve the communities in which they operate.

For more information on CETP testing and certification, click here to visit NPGA.

Download the PERC CETP Curriculum and NPGA CETP Certification Exams  document for an overview of the PERC CETP Curriculum and the corresponding NPGA CETP Exams.