Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

Learn how to safeguard underground propane storage tanks against corrosion with PERC’s Cathodic Protection program.

Available at no charge as a downloadable manual or for purchase in a complete program with your choice of a printed or CD manual and a companion DVD, Cathodic Protection is designed for training propane technicians who install residential and small commercial underground ASME tanks and piping. It provides basic knowledge and requirements for proper and efficient application of cathodic protection for underground steel ASME tanks and piping from corrosion. The program also includes a quiz with an answer key and a skills evaluation form.

To download the Cathodic Protection manual, click here.

To download the NFPA 58 Updates to the Cathodic Protection program, click here.

To purchase the complete Cathodic Protection program, visit the Propane Marketing and Resource Catalog or call 866-905-1075.

Cathodic Protection CD & DVD Kit (item 003715 / $9 each)
Cathodic Protection Manual & DVD Kit (item 003710 / $14 each)

For more information, call PERC’s Stuart Flatow at 202-452-8975 or write to