Gas Check

Conducting a residential or small commercial safety inspection is a critical task for propane professionals. It is a key component of keeping customers comfortable and safe.

Gas Check is a voluntary set of guidelines for conducting residential and small commercial vapor systems.

GAS Check a GAS Check is, and what a GAS Check is not. The Program offers two types of inspections, depending upon your company's GAS Check inspection policies.

  1. A 'Gas System' Check which can be completed on the gas delivery system, including the containers, regulators, and appurtenances; and
  2. A 'Gas Appliance System Check' which can be completed on both the gas delivery system and all propane-burning appliances. The program focuses on items that should be included in a Gas Check Inspection.

This updated program includes a Booklet and companion video that provide simplified guidelines and illustrations to teach you how to properly fill out Gas System Check and Gas Appliance System Check forms.

The new program also reduces the number of inspection forms from three to two forms with both forms including the customer acknowledgement.

You'll find all of our safety training materials in the Safety & Training section on our online Propane Marketer Resource Catalog (Propane MaRC), To request a paper catalog, please call us at 202.452.8975, or email us.

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