Dispensing Propane Safely

Dispensing Propane Safely is an employee training program that details the many tasks associated with the safe and effective dispensing of propane into propane cylinders and tanks, including those found at retail locations, bulk plants and forklift operations. In addition, Dispensing Propane Safely covers autogas dispensing operations, as well as emerging propane technologies such as refillable one pound propane cylinders. The program includes a  video on DVD and a companion training manual (manual in Spanish) on CD that includes an employee evaluation tool (tools in Spanish).

The modular training program allows for customized training based on job responsibilities. 

The first five modules apply to almost all propane dispensing operations, including those at retail locations: 
•  Introduction to Dispensing Propane Safely. 
•  Properties and Characteristics of Propane. 
•  Dispensing Station Equipment
•  DOT Cylinders
•  Inspecting, Filling, and Labeling Small Cylinders.

Additional modules that can be selected based on job requirements include: 
•  Refueling, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting Forklift Cylinders
•  Refueling ASME Motor Fuel and RV Tanks. 
•  Composite Cylinders
•  Retail Cylinder Exchange Operations
To purchase the Dispensing Propane Safely program, visit the Propane MaRC or call 866-905-1075. 

  Certificate of Completion Dispensing Propane Safely

You'll find all of our safety training materials in the Safety & Training section on our online Propane Marketer Resource Catalog (Propane MaRC), www.propanemarc.com. To request a paper catalog, please call us at 202.452.8975, or email us.

For more information, call PERC's Stuart Flatow at 202-452-8975 or write to  stuart.flatow@propane.com     .

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