Workforce Training

A well-trained propane workforce is essential to protecting the health and well-being of propane consumers.  We actively provide materials suitable for classroom training, though we also provide Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) e-learning programs covering essentials like first 90-day hazmat training, bobtail delivery, and vapor distribution.

In addition to CETP training, we also provide proactive safety training programs including Preventing Bobtail Rollovers, Propane Personal Safety, and Propane Autogas, which offer a mix of videos on DVD , PowerPoint presentations, booklets, and other materials. These programs offer marketers a level of convenience and low price that in-person classes can't always provide.

You'll find all of our safety training materials in the Safety & Training section on our online Propane Marketer Resource Catalog (Propane MaRC),  To request a paper catalog, please call us at 202.452.8975, or email us.

For more information, call PERC's Stuart Flatow at 202-452-8975 or write to

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