Leak Checks:  Using a Magnehelic Gauge

Leak checks determine if the propane piping system is suitable for service and must be performed on the vapor distribution piping system immediately after turning on the gas in a new gas system or a system that has been restored after an interruption of service. If leakage is indicated, shut off the gas until the necessary repairs have been made.

As opposed to a pressure test, a leak check includes the piping system connected to the appliance(s).

The type of testing instrument used in performing a leak check depends on the type of leak check being performed.

For a low pressure leak check, the testing instrument is placed into the low pressure system (1/2) lb pressure or less) at or after the integral 2 stage regulator or at or after the second stage regulator. The test instrument is subject to low pressure because the regulators have already dropped the pressure in the system.

Low pressure leak tests may be accomplished using a water manometer or magnehelic gauge.

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