Propane Emergencies Program

PERC's Propane Emergencies program is a comprehensive training program adopted by 27 state firefighter training agencies and propane marketers designed to help emergency responders develop the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively manage a propane emergency in transportation or at fixed facilities.  It is aimed to firefighters and members of the Hazardous Materials Response Teams, propane marketers, propane industry product and container specialists, and private or emergency response contractors and based upon commonly used practices, references to nationally recognized engineering  practices, regulations and consensus standards, and training programs.

PERC's Propane Emergency Scenarios Library teach appropriate responses to emergencies such as what do you do in case of an accidental overfill at a customer's home, a grill fire on a third floor apartment balcony, or an underground tank leak.

The Marketer Outreach Tools provides the resources needed to plan and deliver an effective emergency responder training and walk-through session.

Many of the Marketer Outreach Tools are available as downloads including the Facilitor's Guide, DVD, video tips, and complementary customizable PowerPoint presentations you can use to introduce your own facility as part of covering the objectives of the training program.

You'll find all of our Propane Emergencies training materials in the Safety & Training section on our online Propane Marketer Resource Catalog (Propane MaRC), To request a paper catalog, please call us at 202.452.8975, or email us.

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