Safety & Training

The safe use and handling of propane by our customers and the industry is our top priority.  The Propane Education & Research Council aggressively works to create materials that help the propane industry, its workers, our customers, and the public enjoy the benefits of propane in a safe way.  With advice and support from industry volunteers, the Council develops programs and training materials to train and educate industry employees, first responders, and consumers to enhance safety and advance compliance with regulatory standards and good business practices by providing safety programs and training materials appropriate for audiences of varying educational backgrounds.

  • Safety Minute For Busy Propane Professionals  
    PERC's Stuart Flatow talks about safety and training in the propane industry With today's hectic schedules, it never hurts to have a reminder about the importance of workforce safety and training. These weekly videos are designed to inspire and challenge busy propane professionals to talk regularly with their employees about safety.
  • Video Message from Roy Willis
    Roy Willis On PERC ValueIn this video, PERC President and CEO Roy Willis talks about how safety and training programs and related products are among the many valuable deliverables which PERC provides to the industry.
  • Industry Involvement in Safety and Training
    Zoe WIlliams thumbnail

    From across the nation propane professionals have come together to help us guide and support the industry's efforts to build and maintain high public confidence in propane's safety and value. Watch a video by Advisory Committee member Zoe Williams of Hawaii Gas.

  • Workforce Training

    Whether offered in formal classroom instruction, self-paced computer-based learning, printed manuals, or hands-on demonstrations, PERC training helps to reduce accidents and incidents, promote safety awareness, improve regulatory compliance, and build consumer confidence.

  • Consumer Safety Outreach

    PERC is committed to helping the propane industry assure the safety of consumers who use and depend on clean-burning propane to heat their homes, cook their food, tend their lawns, and fuel so many other activities that enrich their lives. 

  • Propane Emergencies Program

    PERC's Propane Emergencies program is a comprehensive training program adopted by 27 state firefighter training agencies and propane marketers designed to help emergency responders develop the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively manage a propane emergency in transportation or at fixed facilities.

  • Compliance

    PERC's Propane Regulatory Compliance Program provides information on federal DOT, OSHA, and EPA compliance regulations that apply to propane marketers. In addition, we provide explanations of what propane marketers must do to meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Government Links

    Links to helpful websites, including federal, state, and standard and code organizations web sites.