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    If it happens in agriculture and propane, you'll learn about it here. The Media Room is your source for the latest news on PERC's agriculture programs.

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    Recent News:

    >  Tips for Conserving Propane in Greenhouse Operations

    >  Tips for Conserving Propane in Poultry Operations

    >  Tips for Conserving Propane in Swine Operations

    Efficient New Propane Farm Technologies Reduce Emissions (2/2014)

    >  After Record Results, PERC Renews Farm Incentive Program (12/2013)

    >  Top Tips for Winterizing Propane Equipment (11/2013)

    PERC Offers up to $5,000 on Propane-Fueled Grain Dryers, Mowers and Heaters (9/2013)

    New Propane Irrigation Engines Cut Fuel Costs (9/2013)

    PERC Showcases new Propane-Fueled Technology at Commodity Classic, Offers producers $4,000 in Equipment Incentives (3/2013)

    Study Finds L.B. White Therma Grow Direct-Fired Heater System Is Fuel-Efficient and Plant-Safe (1/2013)

    PERC Announces the Propane Farm Incentive Program (1/2013)

    Propane Enhances Efficiency of North Florida Farm Operation (11/2012)

    Propane FEED Technology Earns High Marks from Participants (4/2012)

    >  More Opportunities to Save: Propane FEED Program Expands (3/2012) 

    PERC Partners with L.B. White to Engineer More Efficient Livestock Heating System (11/2011)     

    >  PERC Presents Propane Flame Weed Control Equipment Research at Global Technology Conference (9/2011) 

    >  Irrigators, Start Your Propane Engines (7/2011) 

    >  Manufacturers Seek More Collaboration with UNL Researchers - Lincoln Journal Star (4/2011) 

    >  New Propane-Powered Flame Weed Treatment Fact Sheet (4/2011) 

    >  Propane-Powered Grain Dryer from Mathews Company - Farm Industry News (4/2011)  


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