Roadmaps provide a path for achieving PERC’s strategic vision and goals for the propane industry. Agriculture and engine fuel roadmaps identify strategic activities specific to those markets, while the research and development roadmap provides a strategy to guide research, development, and commercialization overall.

PERC’s Research and Development Advisory Committee produced the 2009 Propane Research and Development Roadmap to guide them in their mission to pursue new technologies that will grow and improve the propane industry. The roadmap details the strategic priorities RDAC will employ to maintain a balance between researching promising innovative concepts and accelerating its technology commercialization efforts.

The 2010 Propane Agriculture Roadmap provides a detailed vision of propane in agriculture, the goals necessary to achieve that vision, and corresponding strategies and priorities. PERC’s Agriculture Advisory Committee uses the roadmap to ensure that PERC investments address industry needs and strengthen propane’s position in the agriculture market.

The Engine Fuel Advisory Committee developed this roadmap with a focus on specific activities for targeting the primary segments of the engine fuel market: forklift, fleet, agriculture, and off-road. The roadmap presents PERC’s vision for propane in the engine fuel market as well as strategic goals and priorities that will help to fulfill that vision.