GTC Presentation


PERC gives presentations at trade shows, technology conferences, and other industry events to inform audiences about PERC research and development efforts. PERC also sponsors events, conferences, and meetings that give members of the propane industry the opportunity to share their latest advances with their peers.

This presentation, given at the 21st World LP Gas Forum in Seoul, Korea, addresses the need for and benefits of propane-fueled heat pumps. The slides address energy and cost comparisons and illustrate the ability of propane-fueled heat pumps to reduce emissions and decrease energy consumption.

PERC has been involved in the research and development of distributed generation technology since the year 2000. This presentation illustrates many of the advances that have been made in this field and the benefits that DG offers, as well as the potential for future R&D activities in this area.

Propane is well suited to agricultural applications, especially in the field of thermal pest control. This presentation explores propane-fueled technology applications for insect, weed, and pathogen control on farms.

Given at the 21st World LP Gas Forum in Seoul, Korea, this presentation covers the development and testing of the ComfortDry 400 desiccant dehumidifier. The slides outline the operation of the dehumidifier and its evolution through initial, redesign, and second-generation development and testing stages.

Propane Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Comparative Analysis explores propane’s GHG emissions profile in specific applications on a life-cycle basis. This presentation offers an overview of the study and a summary of findings from the report.

Given at the 21st World LP Gas Forum, this presentation explores the need for alternative materials for underground propane tanks. Details regarding background information, current projects, and potential opportunities to explore this issue further are included.

This presentation by TEMP-AIR, from the 2006 LP Gas Global Technology Conference, includes an overview of the TEMP-AIR company, as well as sections on construction heating, thermal remediation, and commercialization plans for new propane technologies.

This presentation, given at the LP Gas Global Technology Conference, provides background information on thermal defoliation, explains how the process works, and details field results of thermal defoliation testing.

This presentation, given at the 2006 LP Gas Global Technology Conference, explores Batchen Stinger steam weed control technology. The presentation includes an explanation of the technology and its benefits, comments from growers, cost comparison data, and testing results.