Propane tanks provide fuel for a variety of equipment, including ranges, clothes dryers, fireplaces, heat pumps, standby generators, and integrated appliances for heating, cooling, and hot water.

PERC tank research explores the safety of new and existing tank designs, the use of alternative tank materials, and the development of storage tanks that are lighter, longer lasting, and more durable.

Alternative Materials for Underground Propane Storage Tanks

Docket:12096, 11728

Alternative materials, such as composites, can be used instead of steel in underground propane storage tanks. Researchers evaluated the best materials or combinations for manufacturing an underground tank and conducted field tests. A detailed design and manufacturing cost estimate of a 500-gallon underground composite propane tank was also developed that included literature studies of material compatibility and appurtenance corrosion analyses.

Load Cells Feasibility Study

Docket:10954, 11722

This study explored the feasibility of using load cells to fill and monitor propane bulk tank levels by weight. Researchers assessed the cost-effectiveness of installing a load cell system that accurately measures product quantities.

Project Report:

Underground Propane Tank Coatings Study


This study tested and evaluated the ability of various coatings to prevent corrosion and damage of steel underground propane storage tanks. Researchers subjected seven tanks with different coatings to weathering, chemical exposure, and thermal cycling, and evaluated the tanks’ performance as part of PERC’s equipment comparison testing program.