Propane hybrid renewable energy systems pair a propane generator set with a system that uses wind or solar energy to generate power.

PERC designs and demonstrates innovative generator sets that can be integrated into hybrid systems to increase the reliability, efficiency, and affordability of power generation systems that use renewable resources. This research responds to rising residential and commercial demand for lower-cost, lower-emission power generation systems.

Advanced Propane Generator System


A heavy-duty, lean-burn, high-efficiency propane generator system produces 22 percent net kilowatt electric output with maintenance intervals of over 4,000 hours and a projected life of 40,000 hours. The system, which includes a 300-square-foot generator/battery/inverter room, was installed and demonstrated at Denali National Park Visitor Center.

EcoGen Premium Generator Set

Docket:16412, 15490

The 6-kilowatt premium Generac generator set has 500-hour maintenance intervals and a normal operating life of 10 years or 5,000 hours. The generator set was developed to integrate with renewable resources like wind and solar as part of a small-scale renewable hybrid power generation system. Seven of the 6-kilowatt sets are being demonstrated in partnership with the U.S. National Park Service, large specialty wholesalers/distributors serving the renewable energy space, and leading inverter manufacturers serving the off-grid space.

Heavy-Duty Residential and Commercial Hybrid Generator


Kohler’s heavy-duty generator produces a 6-kilowatt direct current output for use with renewable energy sources and 14- to 18-kilowatt alternating current output for accommodating large loads in residential and commercial off-grid hybrid applications. The system is currently under development and will be commercialized upon completion.

Hybrid Power Systems for Rural Tribal Communities


Hybrid power systems combine a propane generator set and solar or wind energy to provide reliable, on-site power. Areas such as remote tribal communities stand to benefit from this type of system. To assess the technical and economic viability of using this system in a tribal community, researchers documented the service and installation requirements in a typical tribal community and developed the necessary elements for an on-site technology demonstration.

Hybrid Propane-Solar Generator System Engines


Propane-fueled engines provide supplemental power to hybrid systems. Researchers developed and demonstrated durable, economically priced engines for use in hybrid solar energy generating systems.

Hybrid Propane-Solar Power Station Demonstration and Display

Docket:12337, 11796

A commercial micro-power plant integrating a propane generator, solar cells, battery storage, and a power control system was demonstrated in an edge-of-grid application. A propane-solar hybrid generator set was also displayed at the 2007 World LP Gas Association Forum. The displayed generator set operated at 10 kilowatt-hours per day with approximately 2-kilowatt extended output capacity, 4 kilowatts of peak power for five minutes every hour, and surge capability sufficient to start a small well pump.

Hybrid Propane-Solar Project for Urban/Municipal Applications


A propane-solar hybrid backup power system is a 2-kilowatt system composed of several solar photovoltaic panels, a propane-fueled generator, several standard-sized batteries, and a propane cylinder. Researchers evaluated the technical feasibility of installing this system for use in urban/municipal applications.

Market Assessment: Propane Distributed Generation


The Propane Distributed Generation Market Assessment is an evaluation of the technologies, markets, and trends for propane-fueled distributed generation applications of less than 1 megawatt. The study estimated the market and propane volume potential for the different distributed generation market segments. This research provides the basis for the development of a commercialization plan to help the propane industry realize the potential market for propane-fueled distributed generation.

Midsize Extended-Run Generator


Generac’s midsize extended-run generator is an air-cooled 11-kilowatt generator set with a 5,000-hour life expectancy and 500-hour maintenance intervals. Currently under development, the generator will be commercialized for use in grid-tied green homes, telecommunications, and utility demand response.