Propane production and distribution brings safe, clean, high-energy fuel to a growing network of residential and commercial consumers.

PERC's distribution and production research facilitates the development and widespread adoption of industry processes and technologies that help optimize energy efficiency, reliability, emissions, and cost effectiveness of propane distribution and production.

Best Practices Guidelines for the Propane Industry


The best practices guidelines for the propane industry contain the practices related to the care and custody of propane gas throughout the supply chain that contribute to the maintenance of a quality product. To compile these guidelines, researchers conducted a survey of required, common, and recommended practices.

Bobtail Requalification Period Evaluation

Docket:12148, 11726, 11445

The bobtail requalification period evaluation supported the National Propane Gas Association’s efforts to encourage the Department of Transportation to extend the inspection period of bobtail cargo tanks used in dedicated propane service. Researchers conducted rigorous bobtail road testing, estimated the fatigue life of a propane transport tank, analyzed the likelihood of tank fatigue and fracture, and investigated alternatives to hydrostatic testing.