Propane cylinders increase the safety, convenience, and portability of propane, allowing consumers to fuel a variety of applications, including forklifts, lawn mowers, grills, and recreational vehicles.

PERC develops innovative designs and uses of cylinders and performs extensive testing on cylinders to ensure consumer safety. This research responds to consumer demand for lighter, safer, and more versatile propane cylinders.

Cylinder Vaporization Rates Study


This study tested the vaporization rates of different metallic and composite grill cylinders to obtain comparable data for market use. Researchers vetted test protocol to determine thoroughness and repeatability.

Regulatory Approval of Composite Propane Cylinders


The use of composite propane cylinders in on-road applications requires approval by the Department of Transportation. Researchers launched and coordinated efforts to authorize the use of composites for propane cylinders in the United States by the Department of Transportation. These efforts involved evaluating the potential for composite cylinders and identifying regulatory obstacles.