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    The Propane Exceptional Product program is designed to encourage construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses to adopt new propane-fueled products for residential and commercial use. Sponsored by PERC, the Propane Exceptional Product Program provides a financial incentive to qualifying and selected participants who purchase and use eligible products and agree to share their experiences.

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    Eligible Products


    Generac EcoGen | Premium Generator Set

    Designed specifically to supplement off-grid renewable energy power generation, the EcoGen easily combines with renewable energy sources  to create reliable, environmentally friendly hybrid energy systems for residential and commercial applications.

    View EcoGen demonstration video
    Visit Generac's  EcoGen page
    Download the EcoGen specifications
    Download the PERC EcoGen fact sheet

    Incentive: $1,000


    Polar Power 8220D-950P | Premium Generator Set

    The Polar Power 10-kilowatt DC generator provides reliable power for supplementing renewable energy power generation systems and charging batteries in off-grid locations, such as remote telecommunications towers.

    Visit Polar Power's 10-kilowatt propane-fueled DC generator page
    Download the 10-kilowatt DC generator specifications

    Incentive: $1,000


    Marathon Ecopower | Combined Heat and Power (<6kW)

    The Ecopower CHP system recovers heat for space and water heating as it produces electricity increasing energy efficiency and lowering costs and emissions. This long-life system is ideally suited for residential and light commercial applications.

    Visit Marathon's  Ecopower page
    Download the Ecopower specifications
    Download the PERC Ecopower fact sheet 

    Incentive: $5,000


    Yanmar CP10WN | Combined Heat and Power (>6kW)

    The new 10-kilowatt Yanmar CHP system recovers heat for space and water heating as it reliably produces some or all of the power that a small commercial site needs. The performance of the propane engine and the unit’s ability to recover waste heat combine to increase system efficiency and reduce energy costs.

    Download the CW10WN specifications 
    Download the PERC CP10WN fact sheet

    Incentive: $10,000

    Temp-Air Thermal Remediation    

    Temp-Air Thermal Remediation | Thermal Remediation System

    The Temp-Air Thermal Remediation system uses heat instead of chemicals to control bedbug infestations in apartments, dormitories, hotels, and single-family homes.

    Visit Temp-Air's Thermal Remediation page
    Download the Thermal Remediation specifications
    Download the PERC Thermal Remediation fact sheet

    Incentive: $2,000