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Nearly 900,000 farms in the United States use propane, and with good reason: propane is a clean-burning, reliable, and efficient energy source that farmers can depend on. PERC is dedicated to educating the agriculture industry on the benefits of propane energy and to helping develop new propane technologies for the farm.

The Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) recognizes the important role of propane in agriculture and requires that PERC devote at least 5 percent of its total budget toward programs and projects that benefit the U.S. agricultural industry. PERC uses these resources to benefit the U.S. agriculture and propane industries by developing and improving propane-fueled technologies and programs that increase farm productivity, reduce environmental impact and enhance safety.

Propane provides value on the farm in four broad categories of applications:

Thermal Agriculture
Helps control weeds, insects, and microbes.

Nutrient Management
Helps farmers properly manage farm waste materials.

Crop and Food Conditioning
Protects commodities through harvest, storage, and processing.

Power Generation
Provides power for equipment through engines, electrical generation, fuel cells, or micro-turbines.