Grow Gallons with Landscape Contractors

Marketers can sell more gallons year-round to the landscape contracting industry. A single commercial mower will use as much as 1,000 gallons of propane annually, about the same amount as two homes.

Propane is an excellent fuel for commercial mowers. It provides lower operating costs, proven performance, fewer emissions, reduced fuel spills, and an abundant domestic fuel supply.

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PERC now offers two financial incentive programs to this industry — one for landscape contractors and one for equipment dealers. These programs encourage the purchase and use of propane mowers.


Propane Mower Incentive callout 

Landscape contractors can earn $1000 to
purchase a qualified new propane mower
and $500 to convert a qualified mower.
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dealer Demo callout 

Dealers earn a financial incentive
when displaying and field testing 
propane-fueled mowers.
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