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    MAXIMIZE Opportunity in Residential

    Marketers know that propane offers measurable advantages in every room of a home - new or old. Yet, it accounts for just 2.4 percent of household energy consumption in the United States, according to the Energy Department. This class is designed to help marketers grow that share. You will learn about propane's potential to improve energy efficiency and home performance with the latest technologies in fireplaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, cook tops, space heaters, and more.

    We'll show you how to work with residential builders and remodelers and how to inform these key energy decision makers about propane's environmental and price benefits. And you'll gain insight on sales techniques and strategic plans, and how to create a total propane solution for these customers.

    Residential Plus

    Have you already attended one of the MTST sessions? Are you hungry for a more advanced experience that gives you essential knowledge and tools for success in residential? Then you might be interested in Residential Plus. These sessions dive deeper into the residential market to expand attendees’ skills and help grow gallons.

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