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    GO GREEN with Commercial Mowers

    Now is an ideal time to show cost-conscious landscape contractors the money savings and green benefits of mowing with propane. Research shows that propane-fueled mowers cost about 30 percent less to operate than gasoline mowers. And because propane-fueled mowers generate up to 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions, busy landscape contractors can continue to operate on ozone-alert days.

    This session will introduce you to a dozen popular propane mower brands, help you identify the opportunities for use in your community, and provide selling tools to get the contracts that can boost your summer fuel sales by 1,000 gallons per mower. You will learn how to work with landscape contractors, municipalities, and commercial mowing businesses to create a strategic plan that leverages the power of propane in this fast-growing market. Attendees also will learn about demonstration and incentive programs that are available to help offset the higher upfront costs often associated with propane-fueled equipment.

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