Propane Market Outlook


    2013 Propane Market Outlook cover 

    2013 Update  



    A detailed assessment of propane markets, this comprehensive report provides an industry roadmap of key issues facing the propane industry between 2009 and 2020.

    Energy markets are changing at an unprecedented pace.  These changes have had dramatic impacts on propane markets, which have been transformed by the combined effects of volatile energy prices, evolving environmental and energy policies, advancements in propane and competing technologies, and improvements in energy efficiency.  

    The Propane Market Outlook, commissioned by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC)and developed by ICF International, provides a comprehensive look at current energy trends influencing US propane markets, identifies key opportunities and threats facing the industry in the next few years, and offers a guide to help the industry navigate through the period ahead. 

    The Market Outlook includes a forecast of propane markets based on the Propane Demand Forecasting Model and identifies key market trends and changes in the industry over the next several years:

        •   General world and U.S. energy markets, including petroleum market outlook, propane supply trends, and other important energy-related issues.

        •   U.S. electricity markets, including regional price trends and changes in technologies that might represent threats or opportunities for propane.

        •   Key propane market trends, with detailed forecasts of odorized propane demand, and a discussion of long-term
             trends through 2020.

        •   Key issues likely to influence propane markets in the future, including potential government policy shifts on issues such as climate
            change and emissions and the impact of emerging propane technologies on the marketplace.

        •   In order to ensure that PERC and the industry stay current on key issues impacting the propane market, the Propane Market
            Outlook will be supplemented annually to include an updated forecast of propane demand, as well as updates to key issues 
            discussions as appropriate.

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