The 2014 Consumer Safety Preparedness Campaign

The Results

The 2014 Consumer Safety Preparedness Campaign, featuring online and television advertising that ran in propane country east of the Rockies from September through November, appears to have made a favorable impression on propane customers, according to the results of before-and-after surveys carried out by an independent research firm.

Between the pre-campaign survey and the post-campaign survey, impression scores for propane increased to a statistically significant degree in eight important categories. That means that after the campaign propane customers were likelier to say that propane clean, reliable, readily available, American-made, affordable, and safe; that it is delivered by someone they trust; and that it helps make a home more comfortable.

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As our industry recovers from one of the most challenging winters on record, it is now more important than ever to prepare customers as much as possible for the cold weather ahead. Many of you have already taken steps to ensure they are ready. On September 8th, the Propane Education & Research Council unveiled a national multimedia safety campaign aimed at residential customers. Its message will be loud and clear: Visit today to make sure your family is prepared for winter. Hear more about the campaign from Roy Willis, president and CEO.



The Goal

With this campaign, our industry can ensure that homeowners work with their propane providers to plan ahead and preventing surges in demand during severe winter weather that can put families (and propane companies) at risk.

Beginning September 8th PERC began running television and online advertisements in selected states. The campaign directs customers to to make sure their family is prepared for winter. If they discover they are not adequately prepared, they are encouraged to contact their local propane provider about arranging an early fill or payment program.

Download the consumer safety preparedness campaign guide from Propane MARC

We're Helping You Help Homeowners

A collection of customizable materials is now available for you to share with customers.

"Planning for Winter: How can we help?" - Insert for Mailings.

Download from Propane MARC

"Start the Propane Conversation" - Print ads to place in appropriate publications.

Download from Propane MARC

"Stay Comfortable this Winter" - Brochure to share with customers.

Download from Propane MARC

"Prepare for Winter" - A 30-second taggable radio spot to place on local radio stations.

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Download campaign package from Propane MARC

Answering Customers' Questions

As customers plan for winter, here are the top four questions your team should be ready to answer:

  • Is there enough propane?
  • Is this winter going to be like last winter?
  • What delivery options do I have?
  • How can I budget for this winter?

Download marketer FAQs and answers from Propane MARC