Propane Agriculture Roadmap

    The Propane Agriculture Roadmap outlines a vision and strategic goals for expanding the use of propane in agriculture. Developed through an effort led by the Agriculture Advisory Committee, the roadmap has several features:

    • Information on trends and drivers shaping propane use in agriculture.
    • An overview of the Agricultural Advisory Committee’s dual approach (application-specific and enabling activities) to cultivating increased sales to farmers.
    • An outline of the committee’s priority activities.

    Download the Propane Agriculture Roadmap

    The  Agriculture Roadmap Supplement  is an up-to-date version of the priorities and challenges identified in the original roadmap. Recognizing emerging needs in the agriculture and propane industries, the supplement includes a research, development, and communications plan based on lessons learned and earlier accomplishments.

    Download the Agriculture Roadmap Supplement 
    Download the Agriculture Roadmap Supplement Fact Sheet, a one-page summary of the Agriculture Roadmap Supplement.