Welcome to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) assessment pages. Here you will find information and resources intended to help the industry help us meet our legislative assessment collections mandate under the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) of 1996. This act has been amended by the Propane Education & Research Enhancement Act of 2014.

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Assessment Guidelines

We thank the industry members who took part in the development of our enhanced assessment audit guidelines for both remitters and terminal operators. Read the complete  Assessment Audit Guidelines.

Assessment Confidentiality Policy

All terminal operator and remitter assessment information relating to volumes of odorized propane and assessments paid is strictly for use by PERC's management (namely, the president and chief executive officer; the chief financial officer and vice president in charge of administration; and Apex Integrated Solutions, a PERC contractor) to ensure that all propane assessments are paid. Under no circumstances are Council members given access to such information.

Council members may have access to listings that name terminals, remitters, and importers to help management identify organizations that could potentially be responsible for paying an assessment.

Eligibility for Interest and Penalty Waiver Notice

PERC recognizes that some organizations, whether established or new to the industry, don't know of their assessment requirements under the Propane Education and Research Act of 1996 or don't fully understand the assessment requirements, such as those related to the treatment of imports. And so they may be surprised to learn not only of their requirement to pay the assessment but also of PERC's authority to collect overdue assessments together with 5 percent penalty and 1.5 percent interest per month.

To minimize the financial impact of the collection of back or overdue assessments, PERC has instituted a waiver on interest and penalties under certain conditions. To be eligible for this waiver, a remitter must both reasonably demonstrate that an oversight of past assessments was unintentional and - when the oversight is found - fully cooperate with PERC's assessment investigations.

Confidentiality Policy

The assessment confidentiality policy was developed to assure everyone in the industry, whether terminal operator or remitter, that all assessment information received by PERC is held in strict confidence by a limited number of management staff.

Because most members of the Council are competitors in the propane industry, assessment information is deemed market sensitive and is not shared with them. Given that safeguard, terminal operators can share their reports with PERC knowing that the information they supply will give no one in the industry any unfair competitive advantage. 

Terminal Operators and Remittance Forms

Below are the forms and instructions to pay the PERA assessment.

  Remittance Report Instructions (updated Mar 26, 2013)

  Remittance Report (updated Mar 26, 2013)

  Confidential Odorization Report (updated Mar 26, 2013)

  Confidential Odorization Report Instructions (updated Mar 26, 2013)

List of Current Remitters

Current Remitter List, as of June 30, 2015

Help Desk

Have questions about the assessment? Call the help desk at 856-872-4761 or send an email message to

The PERC assessment help desk operates during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Someone may not always be available, but our performance standard is a response within 24 hours and no more than 48 hours.