Safety Professionals

We provide a variety of resources that can be used to help operators of propane equipment and propane autogas vehicles understand the basics of propane and how to operate equipment and vehicles safely and efficiently.

Resources include brochures to address the top questions from repair and maintenance staff, training programs to educate technicians on the basics of propane, along with the tasks and decisions required to safely dispense propane, and to explain the code and procedure requirements for a facility involved with the repair and maintenance of propane autogas vehicles.

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  • Preventing Bobtail Rollover

    Designed to give bobtail drivers a greater understanding of the factors that contribute to a rollover.

  • Personal Injury Protection

    Best practices to use to teach and encourage safe work performance and injury prevention.

  • Mobile Crane Safety

    Use this to teach crane operators, field technicians, & managers mobile crane safe operations.

  • Transport Operator Training Program

    This training program provides practices & procedures for drivers who operate transports to deliver propane.

  • Gas Check

    Text and video that illustrate the ways that technicians can properly document Gas Check Inspections. 

  • Dispensing Propane Safely

    Details tasks associated with safe and effective dispensing of propane into propane cylinders and tanks.

  • Static Electricity

    Information about the ignition hazards of static electricity.

  • Cathodic Protection

    Training for propane technicians who install residential and small commercial underground ASME tanks and piping. 

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    Composite Cylinders

    Guidance in the safe storage, transportation, handling, and filling of composite cylinders.

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