Consumer Safety Outreach

PERC is committed to helping the propane industry ensure the safety of consumers who use and depend on propane to heat their homes, cook their food, tend their lawns, and power so many other appliances that enrich their lives.


Use PERC-developed consumer safety materials to help educate your customers on safe handling and use of propane and fulfill your "duty to warn" current and potential customers on safety issues.


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  • Consumer Safety Videos

    A series of consumer safety videos. 

  • FREE

    Propane Rail Terminal Safety & Your Community

    Use this to help explain the safety and need for rail terminals. 

  • Family Safety Brochure

    Consumer safety information including steps to take if you smell gas and odor fade.

  • $6.25

    Small Cylinder Safety

    This brochure contains detailed information on important small cylinder safety issues.

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    Consumer Safety Messages

    Enhance your consumer safety program with these Consumer Safety Message Documents.

  • $12.75

    Carbon Monoxide Brochure

    Use this to educate propane consumers on what to do if they suspect that carbon monoxide (CO) is present. 

  • Propane Safety Booklet

    A comprehensive booklet on residential propane safety.

  • $1.25

    CSST Consumer Information

    Use this to alert customers to the potential dangers presented by improperly installed CSST.

  • $14.00

    Kids Coloring Book

    This 11" x 9", 16 page coloring book brings to print the web pages from

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