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Propane Exceptional Product Program Supports Use of New Products in Residential, Commercial Markets


Propane Exceptional Product Program Supports Use of New Products in Residential, Commercial Markets

WASHINGTON (October 19, 2011) — The Propane Education & Research Council has launched a program that offers financial incentives to construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses who purchase selected new propane-fueled products that can meet their energy needs and in many cases help them improve their energy efficiency, cut their operating costs, and curb their carbon emissions.

The Propane Exceptional Product program provides an incentive to qualified participants who agree to use eligible propane-fueled products in their homes and businesses and report on their experiences. The goals of the program are to encourage the use of new energy-efficient products fueled by propane and to gather real-world performance data on the industry’s latest residential and commercial products.

“The Propane Exceptional Product program plays an important role in increasing the use of propane-fueled products in homes and businesses,” said Greg Kerr, PERC director of research and development. “In addition to providing the propane industry with valuable feedback on new technologies, the program enables consumers to experience firsthand how propane can meet their everyday energy needs.”

Incentive amounts differ based on the type of equipment a participant selects. The following incentives will be awarded to qualifying and selected participants:

• Premium generator set: $1,000.
• Combined heat and power <6 kilowatts: $5,000.
• Combined heat and power >6 kilowatts: $10,000.

Products currently eligible for incentives include the Generac EcoGen, a 6-kilowatt premium generator set designed specifically to supplement off-grid renewable energy power generation; the Marathon Ecopower, a 4.7-kilowatt combined heat and power unit ideal for residential use; and the Yanmar CP10WN, a 10-kilowatt combined heat and power unit for use primarily in small commercial sites.

“PERC is committed to the development and commercialization of reliable and energy-efficient technologies,” said Kerr. “The Propane Exceptional Product program will expand the range of innovative propane-fueled products that the industry can offer its customers to help drive the growth of the residential and commercial propane markets.”

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