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Propane Council Invites Comments on Change to Policies, Rules, and Procedures

WASHINGTON (October 21, 2011) — The Propane Education & Research Council invites the propane industry and the public to review and comment on the following revisions to the PERC Policies, Rules, and Procedures:

14.   Advisory Committees. The Council hereby establishes, pursuant to PERA Section 5(i), advisory committees whose members shall be persons other than Council members.
       14.1.  Authorized Advisory Committees. The number and scope of advisory committees shall be established by resolution of the Council.
       14.2.  Advisory Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman. Each advisory committee shall have a chairman and a vice chairman, whose appointment shall be made by majority vote of the Council, and who shall serve a three-year term.
       14.3.  Advisory Committee Membership. The Council chairman shall appoint persons to serve as members of the advisory committees, and those appointments shall be reported and recorded in the minutes of the Council meeting 
                following such appointment.
                14.3.1.  Terms. Advisory committee members shall serve a one-year term, which runs consecutively with the term of the Council chairman (July to June). There is no limit to the number of terms an advisory committee member 
                may serve, provided that he or she is re-appointed annually.
                14.3.2.  Ex Officio Members. Members of the Council may serve as ex officio members of advisory committees.
                14.3.3.  Representative Majorities. The Council shall ensure that the majority of members on each of the advisory committees are owners or employees of companies that pay or remit the assessment on odorized propane, 
                although other persons may serve on advisory committees.
                14.3.4.  Staff of Industry Organizations. Staff members of industry organizations, including the Council, may serve as members of advisory committees.
                14.3.5.  Public List of Membership. The membership list for each advisory committee shall be posted and maintained on the Council’s Web site and shall be otherwise made available to the public upon request.
                14.3.6.  Participation and Resignation. The importance of the advisory committees’ work requires the active participation of its members.
                    Missed Meetings. If an advisory committee member misses two consecutive meetings (including duly scheduled conference calls), he or she shall be notified by a letter that a subsequent absence shall result in 
                            removal from the advisory committee membership.
                    Presumed Resignation. If an advisory committee member misses three consecutive meetings, that person shall be considered as having resigned from the advisory committee unless extenuating circumstances 
                            are made known to the advisory committee chairman in advance of the third absence.
        14.4. Key Roles. In addition to responding to specific requests from the Council, each advisory committee shall assist the Council in three general areas, as follows:
                14.4.1.  Funding Recommendations. The advisory committees shall review, evaluate and make recommendations on funding requests submitted in their respective mission areas. The advisory committees shall develop and 
                            maintain criteria to guide them in this process. While the advisory committees’ recommendations carry great weight, the Council alone may approve project funding.
                14.4.2.  Performance Evaluation. The advisory committees shall have a leading role in evaluating the effectiveness of both completed projects and its overall mission to ensure that the industry receives value for its investments.
                14.4.3.  Development of Projects. The advisory committees assist the Council with its pro-active duty to develop programs and projects in each mission area. The advisory committees may recommend that the Council initiate 
                            and carry out a project or that a request for proposals be issued to obtain competitive bids from vendors to carry out a project.
                14.4.4.  Annual Budget. The advisory committees assist the Council in preparing its annual budget.
        14.5. Confidentiality Agreement. Prior to participating on an advisory committee, a perspective member must agree in writing, on a form provided by the Council, not to disclose or inappropriately utilize confidential information that 
                 may come before the advisory committee.
       14.6.  Meetings. The advisory committees may establish guidelines or procedures for the orderly conduct of business meetings, including but not limited to–
                14.6.1.  Holding meetings via telephonic conference call;
                14.6.2.  Distributing meeting materials exclusively through electronic means, such as email; and
                14.6.3.  Creating subcommittees and task forces to work on specific projects or initiatives.
       14.7.  Expenditures. The advisory committees are not authorized to expend or obligate Council funds except as provided for, in advance, by the Council.

The PERC Policies, Rules, and Procedures are available for public review in the governance documents section of the Council’s website, at To receive consideration, comments must arrive no later than 5 p.m. Eastern time on November 21, 2011, by mail to PRP Comment, Propane Education & Research Council, 1140 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1075, Washington, DC 20036; by fax to 202-452-9054; or by email to